Saturday, 17 August 2013

What's in my garden?

So a lot of people on their blogs do a 'what's in my handbag' post or a 'what's on my desk post' so I decided to do a 'what's in my garden' post. The main reason for this is because currently my handbag only holds my purse and a packet of tissues which isn't exciting or blogworthy, and my desk is currently at uni where I am not. Therefore, I decided to show you guys what bits and pieces I have in my garden. 

1. Flowers: We have a hell of a lot of flowers. My mother loves her flowers. All colours and varieties, big and small, plain and vibrant. These ones are some of my favourites. 
2. Fairies: At the start of our garden, we have a small rockery which is home to a variety of fairies. They sit in beside the plants and rocks and generally just look pretty whilst bringing some magic into the garden. 
3. Strawberries: Every year my mother grows strawberries. They are delicious! Only a few ever actually grow to full size but it makes you appreciate them that little bit more. 
4. Gnomes: Now then, gnomes play a very important part in our garden. They are the garden protectors and look after all the flowers and the fairies when we aren't there. Personally, I find them a bit scary, but that is what you want in a garden protector right?! They ll have names and lets just say they aren't normal names. 
5. Lanterns and Solar Lights: At night time when the moon and the stars are out, it is lovely to look out and see the garden lit up. As well as being good for the environment, some of the solar lights are disguised as rocks so they blend in with the rockery and other surroundings. 
6. Ornaments: These are just a few of my favourite things that don't really fit into a certain category. 

I hope this post hasn't bored you too much, but I thought I would share something a bit different. 

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