Monday, 5 August 2013

Charity Shop Buys!

All bought from various local charity shops. 

Charity shops!!! I can honestly say that I love charity shops. Not only does it feel good to be giving money to charity but it is also an opportunity to grab some amazing bargains. 

I saw this dress on a mannequin and immediately fell in love with it. I have nothing else similar to it and really hoped it would fit. IT DID! It was £5 and money well spent. 

Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of my favourite composers. I adore his work in Phantom of the Opera and Evita. When I saw this I was uncertain whether to buy it or not, but at 99p I couldn't refuse. 

Finally, one cannot have too many books! I have been looking for this book for weeks as I have heard it is really good. I love the classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights and Northanger Abbey so this is a nice little addition to my classic family. 

Are you into musicals or classic books? Which are your favourites?

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