Sunday, 30 June 2013

Embrace the stripes

Cardigan: New Look - Jumper: Vera Moda - Jeans: Topshop

Happy Sunday everyone! 
I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to wear today so I decided to steal a jumper from my sister. I wore it with my lovely Topshop jeans which are so comfortable and very flattering. 
I never know what to wear on a Sunday...It is one of those days that really confuses me. 
I apologise as some of my pictures look a bit weird today. Hope you are all having a good weekend! 

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Despicable me

Top: H&M - Leggins: H&M - Blazer: H&M - Sandals: Topshop

Hey hey hey! Today we had to go into town to pick up my sisters new glasses so I wanted to wear something casual but nice. I love this top/dress from H&M. In the summer you can get away with wearing it as a dress and in the winter it can be worn as a top with leggins. 
As you can probably see, I love blazers! They seem to match with anything I have and always make my outfits look a bit smarter. Coincidentally, all of my blazers are from H&M, although I am going to Manchester shopping next Saturday with my sister (click here to view her blog) so I may buy one from the Topshop sale!

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Friday, 28 June 2013

Rainy Days!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins - Blazer: H&M - Socks: Primark - Boots: H&M

Hello Dolls! The heavens have opened and drenched everyone in rain the past few days. I however was feeling summery still so opted for a flowery dress and boots. It is not very often that I wear boots with dresses but I thought they looked quite nice together. 
The dress I actually got given to me by my sister Amy(click here to view her blog). Despite her being the younger sister, we usually pinch each others clothes. The boots were bought for me by my Mom when she came to visit me at University in Chester a few weeks ago. They were in the sale for an amazing £5!!! 
I apologise if a few of my pictures haven't turned out right...I don't usually do anything with them and am still learning he ins and outs of things. 
Hope everyone is enjoying the rain!!! Personally I love going outside in the rain, getting all wet on a long walk and then coming back to a warm blanket, a book and a nice cup of tea! 

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Cardigan: New Look - Top: Topshop - Shorts: Urban Outfitters 
Socks: Topshop

Hey hey hey! So the weather brightened up the other day and I thought I would document the occasion. As you can see, I am not wearing shoes. I must admit that I am not a fan of wearing shoes and will find any excuse not to wear them. I thought seeing as it is sunny I will wear these lovely pink frilly socks instead. I am in love with the colour pink at the moment. I think it's such a lovely colour that can be worn with more or less anything.
I hope you are all well and are enjoying the weather whether it be rain or shine!

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Dress: Topshop - Leggins: H&M - Watch: Next

Hey Dolls! So I am home from University and this is what I wore to come home in. I love this outfit because it is so comfortable which is a necessity when travelling. I actually came home last week but have been reading a lot and haven't been on my laptop much.
So the weather was pretty good last week so I worked on my tan and read my book. I am currently reading the Game of Thrones series and I am loving them. 
Hope everyone is having a good week and enjoying the weather!

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

It's Garnier!

 Garnier Fresh Essentials Facial Scrub

Garnier Fresh Essentials Cleansing Lotion

Hi dolls! So when I went home last, my sister had this Garnier cleansing lotion and me being me I decided to try it. I usually don't use cleansing lotions or toners as I have sensitive skin but this cleanser is amazing! My skin was softer and smoother within 3 days of using it once daily. 
In Superdrug all Garnier products were 2 for £4 so I bought the facial scrub too. This also leaves your skin smooth and refreshed. 
I would recommend these products to anyone, whether you have sensitive skin or normal skin.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hair Care!

 Herbal Essences  - Bee Strong Shampoo and  Conditioner

Herbal Essences - Strengthening Cream

I went to the hairdressers the other week and  I was told that my hair was looking a bit weak as I had been ill a few months ago. It turns out that it takes longer for your hair to recover when you have been ill. So I went a little crazy and decided to buy these products to help strengthen my hair. I have used a whole bottle of shampoo and conditioner and I can certainly tell the difference. I have also been using this strengthening cream that I use after I have had a shower and leave in. This is an amazing product and smells lovely too! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has weaker hair or would like to add strength and volume to their hair.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

All about the jeans!

Jeans: H&M - Top: Topshop - Sandals: Topshop

I haven't posted in a while so I apologise. I have been at home and have since come back to uni so have had work to do. 
This is what I decided to wear today. I am a massive fan of dressing jeans up with nice tops and shoes. I love jeans purely for the fact you can dress them up or dress them down. I know sometimes they can look really boring, but I think with the right accessories and the right attitude they can look amazing! 
These are currently my favourite pair of jeans. I bought them from H&M for £5 in the sale. They did run a bit in the wash to start with but after a few washes they were fine. The top I bought from  Topshop and is one of my favourite tops! I love how it hangs on me and the colour is lovely. The shoes are also from Topshop and were also in the sale at £15. They are really comfortable and great for the summer as they match with almost everything. 
Hope you're all enjoying the weather and putting plenty of sun cream on!

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Valar Morghulis is now on Bloglovin'!!

Sup Bra?

Non padded, Non under wired bra: Urban Outfitters

Non padded, Non under wired bra: American Apparel

Hello again! 
I wanted to share these amazing purchases with you because they are genuinely fab. More or less ever since I started wearing bras when I was a teenager, I have always worn the padded under wired ones. You can find these in most shops. However I was introduced to these non padded, non under wired bras by my sister and I love them! I don't know about you but I found that most bras are quite uncomfortable as the wire digs into the side of me and makes me quite achey. 
After trying these bras out and wearing them for a few weeks I would definitely recommend them to girls and women of all sizes. These above are small sizes. Urban Outfitters and American Apparel do a lovely collection of bras and other underwear to match! 

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