Monday, 31 March 2014

A spring in my step!

Cardigan: New Look - Top: Primark - Skirt: Topshop - Shoes: H&M (old) 
The past few days have been brilliant back at home! I have spent quality time with my sister and my kitty, and had a huge Sunday dinner for Mother's Day!
I felt that this outfit really summed me up. Not warm enough for no tights at all, but summery enough to wear a pretty shirt and a cardigan. I bought this top for my friends birthday last week and I love it. It is really light and it kind of feels like you're not wearing anything! It was a bargain at only £4 in Primark!
As I said in my previous post, I am not a fan of having my hair up all the time, however, when I woke up and undid my plait, I looked like a lion on a bad hair day. Therefore, up it went!
I hope you are all getting into the spring/summer fever!

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

French Plait and Stripes

Top: Warehouse - Jeans: H&M - Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Hello Lovelies! So I am finally home for Easter (early I know but I couldn't wait) and my lovely sister took my outfit pictures for me today. I am so glad to be home despite the amount of work I have to do.
I bought this top in the sale in Warehouse for £10 and it is so comfortable. It washes well and stays really soft. I have had these jeans for a while and they are my favourite. Finally, the shoes are also new and were £12 full price from Dorothy Perkins. I find it so hard to find shoes that fit me as I have really narrow feet, and most of the shops sell wide fit (which doesn't help me a bit). At this price (and a good fit) I just had to buy them, and just in time for spring! I also don't usually wear my hair up but I love having it in a plait. It is so much better off my face when I am going to be travelling and running errands. I can't do a french plait myself so I had to get my friend to do it.
Has anyone bought any new spring faves yet?

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Holiday potential buys!

 So I am in my third and final year of University and my friends and I have planned to go on holiday to celebrate when we finish our exam. I thought it would be ice to share some of my possible buys for my holiday, and summer in general. I apologise for the change of font on the last part....I am a techno-moron and have no idea what happened or how I change it so please forgive me for that. Hope you enjoy!

Jumpsuit: £29.99 - Shorts: £14.99 - Hat: £7.99 - Jellies: £9.99 - Clutch: £8.99 - 5 Pack of Bracelets: £5.99
 So I am loving New Look at the moment. I think they have some wonderful new summer clothes in all at reasonable prices which is even better!
The jumpsuit caught my eye because it would be perfect for a night out when the weather is still warm but can have a cool wind in the evening. It is elegant and casual so could be worn in the day or evening.
I have always wanted a straw hat for summer and at £7.99 you can't really say no!
Jellies are making a comeback people!!!! This is music to my ears as I used to love my jellies. I had a sparkly heeled pair that I used to wear to school and I adored them.
The clutch bag is so simple but a lovely colour. I have so many items that will go with this bag.

Shirt: £29 - Playsuit: £35 - Bikini: £34 - Nail Polish: £5 - Bag: £40
 So...Topshop never fails to amaze me. I always find something I love in this shop and I think my favourite piece here is the bikini. How amazing is this bikini?
The nail polish is brilliant and will look super when you're reading a book by the side of the pool. As a matches the bikini!!!
The shirt and playsuit are gorgeous and I love the detail on the playsuit.

Dress: £29.99 - Shoes: £7.99 - Shorts: £19.99 - Kimono: £29.99

So I have been slightly disappointed with H&M lately and have only managed to find these items from the entire website that I like. However, these items are fabulous! I love the detail on the kimono and how the dress would hang on you. The shade of the shorts is perfect for summer! You could wear the dress in the day or the evening. In the day you could wear sandals to make it casual, and in the evening could wear heels to make it more elegant. The kimono would be ideal for the evening when strolling along the beach or reading a book with a brew on the balcony.

Have you been or are you going on holiday this year?

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