Thursday, 8 August 2013

Manchester Buys!

Skirt: Primark - Jumper: Ark - Trousers: Topshop - Crop Top: Primark - PJ Bottoms: Primark - Earrings: Primark

So...guess who went to Manchester!!!!! Yep, me! And I bought some lovely items! I walked into Primark and saw this skirt. It immediately caught my eye and so in the basket it went. Next I saw the crop top so in that went, and finally the PJ bottoms and earrings found themselves in there too.

As we walked around Manchester I saw quite a few things that I liked but for some reason I didn't want to spend my money. Therefore I decided to be strict and only buy things I knew I needed. This list consisted of jumpers and trousers. I found this jumper at half price in Ark and it was the last in my size....FATE! Next we visited Topshop and, well, I could have bought the whole shop but you know...on a budget and well that wouldn't be very nice for the other customers. Instead I chose to buy these amazing trousers which are high waisted and fit perfectly. I am always fond of buying trousers and jeans from Topshop as I like their style and I know they fit  me well.

I don't really have much to add other than that I hope everyone is having a good summer! 
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