Monday, 31 August 2015

DIY: Memo Board

So for a while now I have wanted to make my own memo board. I haven't seen any in shops that I like and wanted to make it to suit me. That's when I saw this idea on Pinterest (I have OPD, obsessive pinning disorder) and thought I would give it a go. Here is my step by step guide so you can have a go too. 

I chose to begin with a picture frame that I no longer needed. This is one I bought from Urban Outfitters 4 years ago. I took the glass out so I can reach through to the back. 

Next I chose 4 pegs that I wanted to use for hanging my memos from. I decided on pink and brown. 

Now you need blue tack, strong glue and a pair of scissors. It's time to start cutting and sticking!

After taking out the glass, I got some pretty paper and blue tacked it to the back of the frame. The best paper for this is wallpaper. Not only can you get free samples at most DIY stores, but it's also a lot stronger than normal paper. I decided on musical notes and butterflies. 

Once you have it in place, put the frame back together. It doesn't matter if your paper doesn't totally cover the back, as when you put the frame on you won't be able to see it. 

Now for the sticky part. Place the pegs where you want them and test them out. You don't want to stick them on to then realise they are too close together. When you are happy with the positioning, add some of the strong glue to the back and stick them on. You can always mark where you want them to go with a pencil. Leave it for 30-40 minutes for the glue to dry then hang it or place it where you want it and enjoy!

Now you have no excuse to forget anything with your lovely new memo board. I hope you found this useful and I wish you all the best with your next project! 

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