Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My week in Bristol

Last week I went down to Bristol to visit my sister whilst she is at Uni. I had an amazing time and completely fell in love it, and not just because of its highly regular bus service, but because of its many attractions and beautiful countryside. In addition to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta I also went shopping, sightseeing and mini-golfing! 

This is Clifton suspension bridge. It's reeeaally high and I am so glad we didn't go across it as part of it was under construction. You can see it from many areas in Bristol and it looks good both up close and from afar. 

Even though Bristol is well known for its wonderful shops and very steep streets it also had some amazing countryside. On the way to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta I took some pictures of the surrounding area.

I do love boats, and in Bristol they have loads! Here are just a few.

These houses and apartments on the waterfront look fabulous, especially the mini Balamory on the hill. With beautiful views like this whats not to like?

I was tempted to have a go on one of these boards for all of 5 seconds before I realised I probably wouldn't even be able to stand up let alone paddle anywhere.

Have you been to Bristol? What was your favourite part?

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