Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Latest Buy: Shelf Ladders

I have wanted some of these for a while now, and with my birthday coming up, my lovely mother decided to treat me! Yay! The pictures are not the best due to the position of the ladders in my room  but I just had to share my love for these new beauties! 

On the top shelf I have put my old memo board. In my last post I showed you how to make your very own memo board, and will probably replace my old one very soon.

The second shelf is home to my little notebooks, by tea tin that I use as a pen pot, and my lovely picture frame my sister bought me for my birthday. We are huuuge Grey's Anatomy fans so naturally she decorated it with our favourite memories from the show.

Next is a nice and simple shelf. I paired a picture of my grandad, my sister and myself from when we were younger with a lovely scented candle.

Now everyone needs more storage. If you don't then you haven't got enough junk/stuff. Inside these boxes are crafts for when I am making everything from cards to presents for birthdays and Christmas.

Finally, there is just enough room underneath for my Game of Thrones books.

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