Friday, 31 May 2013

Beauty Post!

Eyeliner: George at Asda - Eyebrow Pencil: Rimmel London

I love this eyeliner! It is from the own brand make up range at Asda and is nice and cheap but still looks amazing. The kohl eyeliners tend to hurt my eyes however this one is a soft tip eyeliner that is gentle to the eyes and is easy to apply.

I have only ever used this type of eyebrow pencil before as I don't use it on a daily basis. This one is from the Rimmel London collection and is really nice to use. They have a wide range of shades to suit everyone and last for quite a long time. I have had this one for about 9 months so will shortly be getting a new one.

Mascara: Make Up Academy at Superdrug

I was recently introduced to MUA products by my sister and think they are amazing and superb value for money. For those on a tight budget you can get a whole new make up bag for less than £10. This particular mascara I have only just purchased but it is fab for curling your eyelashes.

Rimmel London 'Match Perfection' Foundation

Previously I had been using the 'wake me up' foundation from Rimmel but decided to try something new. Although that foundation was good I wanted to try something different as my skin gets used it. I went for Rimmel again but this time opted for the 'Match Perfection' foundation. I have been using this for a few weeks now and it is brilliant! It matches my skin tone perfectly and is great value for money (£7)

Blusher: Make Up Academy at Superdrug

Again MUA products are awesome if you are on a low budget or want to experiment without spending a fortune. I don't wear blusher all the time so this one was perfect for me. Again there are many different shades for people with all skin types.

Lipstick: Kate Moss Collection 01

I have always thought that I don't suit red lipstick. However, I have been stealing my sisters and it turns out it doesn't look that bad. I have another lipstick from the Kate Moss collection and I love it. It doesn't make your lips dry and it stays on all day. There are loads of shades to choose from and eventually I will have them all!!!!

Hairdresser Clips: Bodycare

I went to the hairdressers a few weeks ago and she told me that my hair was slightly broken. :( 
I had been ill a few months before and she explained that sometimes your hair can take a while to recover and that it just needed to extra TLC. Therefore I went out and bought the new shampoo and conditioner from the Herbal Essences range that strengthens your hair. I have been using it for about 2-3 weeks and I can already see a difference. 
The hairdresser also advised me to use a scrunchie or a clip (above) if I want to put my hair up instead of using a normal elastic or thin hair tie. These clips were £1.50 from bodycare for a pack of 6.

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