Wednesday, 29 May 2013

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!

Me and my sister Amy (Dolly Daydream)

Me and my sister

 Top - River Island

Top - River Island

So the other day we actually saw some sunshine!!! Naturally the shorts went on and the ice cubes came out. Me and my sister decided to sit in our garden and listen to Radio 1 live in Derry Londonderry whilst we had our lunch. We also decided to take our cat out for a bit (she is an indoor cat so she loves her little adventures outside). She is a bit of a wimp as she gets spooked by loud noises but she just lay in the sun and enjoyed it. 

My sister and I also tried to freeze vodka ice cubes...however we didn't know that vodka doesn't really freeze so they just turned to mush!

Hopefully we will be seeing some more sunny days soon!

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