Saturday, 20 December 2014

It's All About The Hats!

 Both of these lovely pink bobble hats are from Primark. The one on the left I got last year and the one on the right I got this year. Although they look very similar I had to have both of them!

It seems the majority of my hats are from Primark! These three are also from there and I bought the top two last year and the red one the year before that.

I have been looking for one of these hats for aaaages! I finally found one in H&M kids section! I have a very small head and at £5.99 I was not passing up this opportunity to look like I have just stepped out of Downton Abbey!

I adore hats as you can tell but the one think that annoys me is that sometimes they can leave your hair looking flat and greasy. However since it has been freeeezing over the past few weeks I have been wearing a different hat for work every day. Got to keep them little ears warm!

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