Thursday, 2 October 2014

My first book post

So ... my camera broke. Now I don't have an expensive flashy camera but it was my little Nikon and I liked it. Anyway I decided that until I figure out whats wrong with it, I would use the camera on my phone. 

This weeks post is slightly different. Instead of being beauty related or fashion related, it is book related. Now I am a huge book worm and like many of you find perfection in fashion, I find perfection in books. 

I bought Mistress of Rome from a charity shop thinking that I would probably never get round to reading it. However, I did get round to it and it was amazing. Set in Rome a young slave girl meets her hunk of a gladiator and together they embark on a romance that will last a lifetime. Just as they plan their bid for freedom she is sold and transported worlds away. However, this kind of love doesn't just give in. He searches for her getting sold from one owner to another. Eventually he finds her....and their son, but the trouble is not over. 
I can't wait to read the second and third books of the series, Daughters of Rome and Empress of Rome. 

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