Thursday, 9 October 2014

Marks and Spencers Hand and Body Collection

For my 21st birthday my Mom and sister bought me some amazing Marks and Spencers hand and body lotions. Included was some sensational body washes, moisturisers and lip balm. I have to say they smell amazing. With different scents such as aloe vera, coconut, fig and orange, and lemon, there really is a scent for everyone. 
The hand lotions leave your hands feeling super smooth and delicate. The body wash is amazing although one tube lasts around 2 washes. Also, the lip balm leaves your lips feeling soft and full. 

I would definitely recommend these amazing products for birthday and Christmas presents. 

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  1. These are seriously the prettiest body lotions, body washes and shower gels I've ever seen!! Happy late birthday :)


  2. Thank you! They're adorable aren't they! I am trying to use them sparingly but I just love them so much! :)