Wednesday, 9 April 2014

One Day More!

Blazer: H&M - Shirt: New Look - Jeans: Primark - Shoes: Converse
Hello lovelies! First let me direct you to the bottom of this page to the links to my Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram! If you like what you see on my blog then why not give me a follow on these to keep up with the latest pictures and goings on! I appreciate all new followers so thank you!
I am currently listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack hence the title of todays post! I love it!
Now, for what I am wearing. You may notice that all of these items have been featured on my blog before, but I love them so much! This shirt is amazing, just the right length to either tuck it into a skirt or trousers, but also perfect for wearing over a pair of comfy jeans. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with a good pair of converse. They are comfortable, practical, and go with just about everything! What more could you ask for? Plus, they come in so many different colours and patterns that you could have a whole collection! I like to be a bit different and instead of using laces to tie them up, I use ribbon. At Christmas I like to use red ribbon to make them look a bit more festive, and often change them to fit my mood. Today I am using silver ribbon because it is a neutral but pretty colour which means they will go with pretty much everything I own.
Hope you are all looking forward to Easter!

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