Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Shopping Trip!

Scrunchies: New Look - Hat: Primark - Beach Towel: Primark

Both Bikinis: Primark

Playsuit: H&M: Maxi Dress: New Look (Sale)

All Shorts: Primark

All Tops: Topshop

Guess where I am going????? HOLIDAY!!!!! Yes after my end of Uni exams I am jetting off to sunny Majorca for a week in the sun! These are my new items that will be accompanying me in my suitcase and aren't they lovely! I got most of them from Primark as I don't go on holiday very often so didn't want to spend a lot on bikinis etc. I did however get these 2 lovely tops from Topshop and they are so light and perfect for summer. Who else adores this hat too!!!!??? It has little daisies on it which I thought was perfect.
I would also like to point out that these high waisted shorts from Primark are my first high waisted purchase ever! I didn't think I'd like the way they would feel and sit, but I tried these on and loved them instantly!
I would definitely recommend Primark for summer items, however they are quite limited on halter neck bikinis so if you prefer those I would recommend New Look.
Is anyone else going anywhere nice this summer???

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  1. That's the kind of post that makes me regret not to live in England... We don't have Topshop, Primark or New Look here and all those clothes look absolutely amazing! Enjoy your holidays :-)

  2. Hey, thank you I had an amazing time! See my recent post for some amazing pics! Can you order things online? It's definitely worth it if you can x :)