Saturday, 21 December 2013

White Christmas!

Boots: H&M - Jeans: H&M - Shirt: Republic - Cardigan: New Look - Scarf: Stolen of my sister - Necklace: New Look

Hello lovelies!!! So I am home from University for Christmas!!! This means that my sister and I are reunited to take each others outfit pictures. I am so excited for Christmas!!! Got all the decorations up at home and all the presents are wrapped! My sister is introducing me to the film White Christmas at the far I like it! 
It was incredibly windy today so I may look a bit windswept in these pictures. We did manage to dodge the rain though which is a positive. I straightened my hair this morning and it surprisingly stayed quite straight considering the weather. 

Hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas! 

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  1. love your blog :) been reading it all and just love it !!

  2. Awe thank you! That really means a lot. :)