Sunday, 3 November 2013

London Baby!!!

Hello!!!!! Yep, I went to London baby!!!!!  And it was bloody brilliant! Despite being up at 3am to get our train at 4.20am we had a good start to the day and got into London at 7.38am. 

So firstly I would like to say that the train signs in London are amazing! I love the Tube signs and took as many as I could. These are a few of them. The Sloane Square sign made me and my friends giggle as it reminded us of Mark Sloan aka McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy. We went to Kings Cross station first to visit Platform 9 and 3/4.

Again we got a bit hyper (as hyper as you can be that early in the morning) seeing the place where Harry Potter was filmed.

Next we visited Portobello Road! They had the market on and we saw lots of lovely little antique stalls.There were also lots of vintage stalls but being in London they were twice the price as usual. The houses were adorable, and many had balconies or rooftops with mini gardens on top. So cute! Many were also pretty colours like blue, pink and yellow. It didnt look like Balamory was very well done.

Now there really isnt much you can say about Buckingham Palace other than WOW! It was beautiful and so majestic. The gates are amazing and the Palace itself is beautiful. If you havent been I strongly recommend it.

Unlike the other pictures I decided not to put text over this collage. This is because I didnt want to ruin the pictures. This was the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. It was brilliant, although, as you can see, it was extremely busy. All I kept thinking was 'they must be nice and warm and snug in those hats' ;)

OMG! Wicked was amazing!!!!! It was fantastic and all the other good adjectives you can think of! Also, isnt that dress so awesome! The singing was out of this world. You HAVE to go and see this if you havent already. You will be blown away. Plus, you wont be able to watch the Wizard of Oz in the same way ever again!

At the end of the day we decided to walk up to Westminster Abbey and take some pretty pictures. Unfortunately my camera had had enough by then and didnt want to work in the dark. London really is pretty in the dark.You could see the London Eye lit up and Big Ben in Parliament Square.

All in all it was a brilliant day and we really enjoyed it.

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